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Luna Malbroux is the Founder and Chief Vibe Officer at Joy Channel. An organization that is Black, LGBTQIA, and female founded with a majority BIPOC team is full of diverse genders, ages, and ethnicities and backgrounds located across the continental United States.

She works to challenge the notion of “impossible” using humor and dialogue. As a consultant, she works with organizations across the country to change their organizational culture to become anti-oppressive, anti-racist, workplaces. Whether it's facilitating in-depth learning and training or using multimedia to tell stories that capture the heart and imagination, her motto is, "First I'll make you laugh, then I'll make you think."

She knows that information does not equal transformation. Instead of lecturing, she creates experiences where people learn and grow together - whether that's a learning workshop or a community festival. Her clients have been cities, hospitals, non-profit organizations, production companies, governmental organizations- and individuals who seek one on one coaching to change! Joy Channel is a team of multi-hyphenate creatives, consultants, educators and coaches. Inviting you to explore the next part of your journey with them.

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