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As Lauren Elyse Tudor began exploring her desire to learn about generational wealth through her career, she realized she could effectively build something special with great women she knew. What started as topical conversations on possibility evolved into a sisterhood of incredible women actively investing in their future. 

In 2020, a group of incredible Black women embarked on a journey to pursue modern and purposeful investment strategies with a few goals in mind; concentrate intelligence, accumulate assets, and build into communities.

Investment clubs have the power to address some of the most serious economic issues in our communities while breaking generational deficits. Each of the women in KIG have hearts for community and are committed to a spirit of curiosity, diligence and expertise.

Small, but mighty - we’re strategically measured and practice fidelity as we make every decision collectively. We’re rooted in community, but focused on education, and committed to the process of progress.​

We do this because we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.


Participating as a member of this club provides a systematic repository to place disposable income which, in turn, fosters opportunities to envelope ourselves in higher net worth behavior frequencies while we lift up areas where we live, work and play.

As the members of KALEIDOSCOPE seek investment possibilities, we hope to form relationships with investment groups around the country, expand our focus while continuing to grow our membership, social and financial capital. 

"KALEIDOSCOPE is a space where Black women can show up, as we naturally are. Without feeling pressure to put on airs or contorting ourselves. By working in unison, under a shared agenda, we can see a vision all the way through - while mirroring what's moving around us - beautifully."

-- Lauren Elyse Tudor, Founder/President

Leadership OFFICERS


Lauren Elyse Tudor


La Shanda Sugg


Desiré Bennett


Ashley Jones

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