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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Ashley Jones is a Chicagoland based project and operations leader currently managing special events and initiatives at UBER. Rule follower by day, chicken wing, wine and sushi connoisseur by night. Ashley is an avid traveler, having been to more than 10 international cities. She lives to see all the treasures and pleasures nestled in the world. She lives by the personal mottos of "I speak fluent sarcasm", "Being alive is being OFFLINE", and "Let them say it and be busy slaying it."

As a Proud Xavier University grad, Ashley is a economical, succinct and humble leader. She shapes culture by keeping a finger on the pulse of what is new and capitalizes on that energy. Her strategic mindset brings the abstract into focus and contextualizes chaos into order. As the treasurer for KALEIDOSCOPE Investment Group, Ashley keeps finances air-tight and every member on their toes.

High on the empath scale, Ashley enjoys the process of tapping into efficiencies in team building while guiding collaborative engagements on the journey to success. She is an adaptable leader who leverages her EQ to motivate and understand others.

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