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Completely enamored by the sweet nature of children combined with a deep passion for assisting families in healing, growing and reaching their fullest potential, Amber has dedicated to herself to education as an Intervention Specialist within the Cincinnati Public School system. In this capacity, Amber finds herself deeply engrained and committed to the transformation of education throughout the Cincinnati community.

Amber currently serves on the board of Kids Matter and serves as a Representative for Cincinnati Federation of Teachers. In addition, she volunteers to serve children and families in a multitude of roles across the Cincinnati region. More recently, she’s started to introduce yoga to young children.

Outside of classroom, Amber is a devoted wife and mother of two young children, Zola and Ravi. She is a key contributor to the growth of their family business, Gee Horton Studios. She spends plenty of the time in the community socializing with friends and family but mostly enjoys traveling, introducing her family to new cultures, and showing them the world. Ultimately, her passion lies in creating pathways of growth for her children and the generations to come.

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